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The Department of English Language and Literature is the largest foreign language department of the Faculty of Letters, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, and one of the most important in Romania. 

It has highly enthusiastic, fully qualified members in the main specializations at undergraduate and MA levels that it offers, i.e. English Language and Literature, American Studies, Translation Studies, Terminology, Interpreting and Applied Linguistics.These are also the main areas of study and research for our undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students.

There is considerable opportunity for staff members and students to participate in research groups, conferences and other activities. The peer-reviewed printed and e-journal LINGUACULTURE is one of our successful projects – to which both outstanding Romanian and international scholars as well as successful MA and PhD graduates have contributed.

The Department of English of Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi was set up in 1925 when Iancu (Ioan) Botez (1872-1947) was appointed professor of English literature and civilization.




  • Invitație: Annual Conference of MA in ELT Students

    Afis Conf Did micSâmbătă, 19 mai, începând cu ora 9.00, în Laboratorul B, toți cei interesați de predarea limbii engleze sunt invitați să participe la cea de-a V-a ediție a Conferinței Anuale a Studenților de la Masteratul de Lingvistică aplicată - Didactica limbii engleze, organizată de Catedra de limba și literatura engleză sub coordonarea prof.dr. Anca Cehan. În acest an, la eveniment vor participa și masteranzi de la Universitatea Yuryi Fedkovych din Cernăuți, Ucraina.

    Programul prezentărilor poate fi consultat aici.



  • Invitație: „Pregătirea absolvenților români pentru instituțiile europene”

    Afis europa2018 micMarți, 22 mai 2018, de la ora 14.00, toți studenții și absolvenții interesați de o carieră în cadrul instituțiilor europene sunt invitați să participe la întâlnirea cu titlul Pregătirea absolvenților români pentru instituțiile europene. La manifestarea organizată de Catedra de limba și literatura engleză în cadrul Săptămânii europene la UAIC vor participa CARMEN TOMA, reprezentantă a Comisiei Europene în România și CAMELIA GHEORGHIEŞ, absolventă a Masteratului de Traducere UAIC și traducătoare la European Court of Auditors, Luxemburg. Organizată sub coordonarea Prof.dr. Rodica DIMITRIU, întâlnirea va avea loc în amfiteatrul III.12



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Call for papers: Interdisciplinary Conference "C.S. Lewis and Kindred Spirits"

22-23 November 2018

CS Lewis 4The Fourth Interdisciplinary Conference devoted to the life and work of C. S. Lewis: C. S. Lewis and Kindred Spirits, Iasi, 22-23 November 2018, continues the series of events devoted to the celebrated Oxonian writer and scholar and is open to both specialists and lay people who are interested in, and fascinated by, the Oxford Don’s legacy and influential presence within current culture. We aim at enhancing the interdisciplinary turn of the conference (literature, theology, philosophy, arts) and invite speakers to present research papers in English and Romanian that explore Lewis’s growth in relation to predecessors and contemporaries, as well as papers that identify “kindred spirits” and consonant ideas among subsequent generations of writers and thinkers.

We are happy to announce that this year the Conference will also occasion the inauguration of the “C. S. Lewis and Kindred Spirits” Society, the first of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe, devoted to the interdisciplinary study and the dissemination of works and ideas belonging to the members of the Inkling group and their friends and followers.

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