Dana BĂDULESCU (Conf. dr.)

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Associate Professor in the Department of English. She holds a PhD in Philology following the defense of the thesis Impressionistic Modes and Metaphoric Structures in E. M. Forster’s Fiction and Criticism. She teaches modernist and postmodernist British and American literature, basic elements of literary theory and critical thinking, transculturalism, poetics and translations. She has published a series of articles on modernism, key modernist writers and texts. She authored a textbook on modernism, a textbook on the nineteenth and twentieth century British novel (under the care of the Ministry of Education and Research, the Rural Education Project) and a book on postmodernism. Between October 2010 and March 2013 she was the receiver of a POSDRU postdoctoral grant for a project on Salman Rushdie and democracy. As a postdoctoral grantee she focused her research on the intriguing and often dangerous imbrication of art, politics, ideology and religion vs. secularism in Salman Rushdie’s writing. Since 2010 her research has been focusing on today’s migrancy, hybridity, transnationalism and transculturalism. In this context, she deems Rushdie to be the prototype of the “translated man”, which cuts across linguistic and cultural approaches to translation. Together with Odette Blumenfeld she edited the 1/2011 issue of LINGUACULTURE, where she also contributed a short study on Joyce. She is affiliated with the Romanian Association for American Studies (RAAS); Romanian Society for English and American Studies (RSEAS); the French Society of Modernist Studies / Société d’Etudes Modernistes (SEM) and Society of Woolfian Studies / Société d’Etudes Woolfiennes (SEW). Since October 2008 she has been a LLP/Erasmus coordinator for the Faculty of Letters, and since March 2010 the coordinator of CEEPUS exchanges.  Her most recent book Rushdie’s Cross-pollinations has been published at Junimea Press, 2013, ISBN 978-973-37-1704-1.


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