Laura CUȚITARU (Conf. dr.)

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Birth date: December 5, 1968, Constanța.
Status: married, one child.

1983-1987:  The „N.Bălcescu” Theoretical High School, Brăila.
1987-1991: Philology at UAIC, Iași, English-Romanian.
1991: B.A. thesis A Pattern of Distancing in Henry James’s Fiction, under the supervision of Prof.univ.dr. Grigore Vereş. General graduation score: 9.59
1992-1997: junior instructor in the Department of Romanian for Foreign Students at UAIC.
1993-1994: research assistant to Professor Frederick Kellogg, the University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, USA.
1995-1997: assistant in the Department of Romanian for Foreign Students at UAIC.
1996: beginning of work on doctoral thesis under Prof.univ.dr. Ștefan Avădanei.
1998: assistant in the English Department.
2001: defence of doctoral thesis Distance and Deconstruction. A Poststructuralist Approach to Henry James’s Fiction.
2002: lecturer in the English Department.
2013: associate professor in the English Department.


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