Rodica DIMITRIU (Prof. dr.)

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Rodica Dimitriu is professor and head of the Department of English as well as coordinator of the translation and interpreting undergraduate and MA programmes at the Faculty of Letters. She is the author of books and articles in the fields of translation studies, British literature, cultural studies and ELT. Her current area of interest is translation studies with particular focus on ideology and cultural issues in translation, translation and pragmatics as well as on translation teaching. She is a member in the editorial board of the international peer-reviewed collection Vita Traductiva (Editions Québécoises de l’oeuvre) and a member of the advisory board of several international journals of translation (Across Languages and Cultures, Perspectives. Studies in Translatology, ESP across Cultures). In Romania, she coordinates the Translation Studies series at the Institutul European publishing house in Iasi, and is a member of the editorial board of LINGUACULTURE, the publication issued by the research centre affiliated to the Department of English. Rodica Dimitriu is a member of professional societies such as EST (European Society for Translation Studies), ESSE (European Society for the Study of English), CEACS (Central European Association for Canadian Studies), etc.

Current teaching

Translation Studies (BA 2nd and 3rd years of study and MA 1st and 2nd years); Intercultural Communication (BA 1st year)

Reseach supervision

BA and MA: Translation Studies: linguistic, pragmatic, text-linguistic, functionalist, cultural approaches

PhD: translation studies (linguistic, pragmatic and socio-cultural directions); contrastive linguistics; applied linguistics; reception studies; British literature


Aldous Huxley in Romania, Iaşi: Ed. Timpul (1999);

Disocieri si Interferente in Traductologie (Divergences and Convergences in Translation Studies), Iaşi: Ed. Timpul (2001);

Theories and Practice of Translation, Iaşi: Institutul European (2002);

Eugene A. Nida, Traducerea sensurilor (Translating Meaning), translation, critical study, interview, notes, Iaşi: Institutul European (2004);

The Cultural Turn in Translation Studies, Iaşi: Institutul European (2006).


(co-editor, with Christina Schäffner) Translational Encounters in a Globalised World, Perspectives. Studies in Translatology, Special issue, nr.3/2012;

(co-editor, with Miriam Shlesinger) Translators and Their Readers. In homage to Eugene A. Nida, Bruxelles: Les Editions du Hazard, 2009;

(co-editor with Karl-Heinz Freigang) Translation Technology in Translation Classes, Iaşi: Institutul European, 2008.

Articles (selected)

1999, “The Translator’s Turn” and Its Methodological Implications” in Translation – Transition, Mons: Elma, pp. 105-111;

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2009, “Key words and concepts in E. A. Nida’s approach to translation and their further development in Translation Studies” in Translators and Their Readers. In homage to Eugene A. Nida, Rodica Dimitriu and Miriam Shlesinger (eds.), Bruxelles: Les Éditions du Hazard, pp. 23-41;

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2012, “When ‘we’ are ‘the other’. Travel books on Romania as exercises in intercultural communication”, Perspectives. Studies in Translatology”. Volume 20 (3), London and New York: Routledge, pp. 313 – 327

Conferences, seminars, workshops (selected)

2014. 21st-22nd March. Université Paris III “Translating the Voices of Theory”. ‘I am coming back to where I started. I am sure you won’t believe it!’ On translating E. A. Nida’s voice(s);

2013. 19th-20th April. Universitatea Transilvania din Brașov. “Embracing Multitudes of Meaning”. Keynote speaker. Embracing a Multitude of Contexts in Translation Studies;

2011. 16th-17th-18th November. Lessius Antwerp & University of Amsterdam. “Translation and National Images”. Translation as Blockage and Recreation of Ethnic Images: a Romanian Perspective;

2011. 7th -8th  October. Universitatea “Dunărea de Jos” din Galati. “Translation Studies: Retrospective and Prospective Views”. Keynote speaker. When ‘We’ Are ‘The Other’: Translating Travel Books as an Exercise in Intercultural Communication”.

2009, 30th September. ISTI, Bruxelles. “In Homage to Eugene A. Nida”. Keynote speaker. Relevance of Eugene A. Nida’s Work for Contemporary Research in  Translation;

2009. 4th December.  University of Bucharest.“Translators as cultural mediators between the global and the local”. How Do the Others See Us? Translating Travel Books on Romania

International exchanges (selected)

2010. 30th June. Member in doctoral committee. University of Salamanca. Roxana Bîrsanu, T. S. Eliot’s ‘The Waste Land’ as a Space of Intercultural Exchanges - A Translation Perspective. Scientific advisors: Fernando Toda and Viorica Patea

2012. 11th July. Conference. University of Alicante. Omission in Translation,

2012. 13 th July. Member in doctoral committee. University of Alicante. Roxana Mihaela Antochi, Planificación cultural, censura y traducción dramática en la Rumanía comunista. Con especial referencia al teatro español. Scientific advisors: Javier Franco Aixela and Cătălina Iliescu Gheorghiu

Projects (selected)

2007-2009: Coordinator for Romania of the LEONARDO project eCoLo‑Media (Développement de ressources pédagogiques partagées et adaptables pour l’enseignement professionnalisant de la localisation de contenus électroniques multimédias).

2007-2009: Coordinator for Romania of the SSHRC Canadian project The contribution of literary translation to intercultural understanding: Developinga model for  reciprocal exchange

Other responsibilities

Member of the University Senate, member of the Council of the Faculty of Letters, member of the University ethics commission