Iulia MILICĂ (Conf. dr.)

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I have been part of the English Department teaching staff of the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iaşi since 1999, being a lecturer since 2007. I graduated in 1999 with a BA degree in English and French and in 2001 with an MA degree in American Cultural Studies from the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iaşi. I became Doctor in Philology in 2005 with a dissertation entitled Southern Cultural Dimensions in Flannery O’Connor’s Fiction, published in 2008 (Universitas XXI, Iași). My teaching and research interests lie in the field of American cultural studies, with a special focus on nineteenth century literature and thought and on American regional representations, mainly the American South as well as in British Literature: the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The teaching activities are completed by my research interests that resulted in a number of presentations in national and international conferences and publications in (conference) volumes or academic journals. Beside the publication of the PhD dissertation, I have published a number of individual volumes and I co-edited a guide for students (Shakespeare. An Introductory Guide. Eds. Iulia Blănuţă, Haralambie Athes, Camelia Cmeciu. Tehnopress, Iaşi, 2004), the volume In Honorem Prof. Dr. Ştefan Avădanei (Universitas XXI, Iaşi, 2006) and two issues of Linguaculture. International Journal of Iasi Linguaculture Centre for (Inter)cultural and (Inter)lingual Research (Wounded Minds, Wounded Bodies 3. 1(2012) and Trauma and Cultural Memory, 4. 1(2013). I was part of the team that organized a series of Department conferences: The International Conference Shakespeare and Europe: Nation(s) and Boundaries (Iași, 2007), Inscriptions on the Body: Violence and Its Encodings in Literature and Film (Iași, 2010) and Adaptation Unbounded: New Directions, New Agendas (Iași, 2013).


- English Literature I (the Middle Ages and the Renaissance), BA (English Langiage and Literature), 1st year, 2nd semester.
- American Literature I (from the Colonial Period to the middle of the 19th century). BA (American Studies), 1st year, 2nd semester.
- Special Course (American Realism and Naturalism), BA (American Studies), 2nd year, 1st semester.
- Regionalism (The American South), MA (American Studies), 2nd year, 1st semester.
- Philosophical Thinking (Transcendentalism), MA (American Studies), 2nd year, 1st semester.

Research supervision (BA / MA)

I supervise diploma papers and MA dissertations in the field of American Studies and British Studies (The Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Victorian Age).


- Southern Cultural Dimensions in Flannery O’Connor’s Fiction, Universitas XXI, Iaşi, 2008.

- Literary Representations of the Southern Plantation, Junimea, Iași, 2013.

- Studies in American Literature, Casa Editorială Demiurg, Iași, 2013.

- The South in Nineteenth Century American Literature, Vasiliana ‘98, Iași, 2014.

- Shakespeare: Essays on Royalty, Editura Vasiliana ‘98, Iași, 2014.

Articles (last 5 years)

- “White Identity in Flannery O’Connor’s South” in Proceedings of the International Conference Constructions of Identity (IV), Cluj-Napoca, 6-8 Aprilie 2006, Adrian Radu, Rareş Moldovan (eds.), Napoca-Star, Cluj-Napoca, 2008, p. 45-57.

- “’Can you make no use of nothing, nuncle?’ The Use of Words with a Negative Meaning in W. Shakespeare’s King Lear” in Analele Universităţii “Dunărea de Jos” Galaţi, XXIV, 1/ Nr. 1, Galaţi University Press, 2008, p. 348-358,

- “Representations of the Southern Slave System: Gothic Imagery in Thomas Nelson Pages’s No Haid Pawn” in Analele Ştiinţifice ale Universităţii “Al. I. Cuza” Iaşi, Limbi şi literaturi străine, XI/ 2008, Editura Universităţii „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Iaşi, p. 127-140.

- “Visions of History in Herman Melville’s Benito Cereno” in The Sense of America, Histories into Text, R. Mihăilă and I. Grigorescu Pană eds., Univers Enciclopedic, Bucharest, 2009, p. 327-342.

- “History and Memory in the Old South: Constructions of Female Identiry in Katherine Anne Porter’s The Old Order” in Studia Universitatis Babes-Bolyai, Series Philologia, Editura Universităţii  „Babeş-Bolyai”, Cluj-Napoca, Volume 56 (LVI), nr. 4/ 2011, p. 89-104.

- “Constructions of Female Identity in Katherine Anne Porter’s The Journey and Alice Walker’s Everyday Use” in Analele Ştiinţifice ale Universităţii „Al. I. Cuza” Iaşi, Limbi şi literaturi străine, XIV/ 2011 (In Honorem Odette Blumenfeld), Oana Macari, ed., Editura Universităţii „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Iaşi,p. 341-360.

- “The Other Hamlet” in Shakespeare in Europe: Nation(s) and Boundaries,Odette Blumenfeld and Veronica Popescu eds.,Editura Universităţii „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Iaşi, 2011, pp 30-45.

- “Putere și prejudecată: Regele Ioan sau lupta pentru Anglia” in Shakespeare. Opere IV: Imblânzirea scorpiei, Regele Ioan, Vis de-o noapte-n miez de vară,Paralela 45, Pitești, 2011, p. 161-195, reprinted as “Legitimitatea regală și dreptul divin sau Regele Ioan în lumina și umbra tronului” in Caietele Shakespeare, vol. I, George Volceanov coord., Institutului Cultural Român, Editura Tracus Arte, Bucharest, 2013, p. 99-112.

- “Kings and Fools in Three Shakespearean Tragedies” in Anuarul Universitatii „Petre Andrei” Iasi, 01/ 2011, Editura Lumen, Iași, p. 461-473.

- “William Shakespeare in Communist Romania: Freedom and Limitations in Romanian Editions” in Tradução em Revista, Anno 2012, Numero 12: Shakespeare’s Plays in Translation, Beatriz Viegas-Faria, Paula Baldwin Lind, Marcia A. P. Martins eds. http://www.maxwell.lambda.ele.puc-rio.br/trad_em_revista.php?strSecao=input0

- “Royalty and Divine Right in William Shakespeare’s Histories: King John and Richard II” in Text și Discurs Religios, vol. 4/ 2012, Editura Universității „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Iași, p. 469-486.

- “Othello Re-Written, Verdi’s Otello” in Language, Culture, Change. IV. Intergenerational, Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Bridges, Luminita Andrei Cocârţă and Ana Sandulovici eds., Editura Universității „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Iași,2012, p. 172-183.

- “Racial Violence in William Faulkner’s Dry September and Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird” in LINGUACULTURE, vol. 3, nr. 1 \2012 (Wounded Bodies, Wounded Minds: Intersections of  Memory and Identity), Editura Universitatii „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Iasi, p. 102-120.

Conferences, seminars, workshops

July 2008, I have co-taught a course entitled “Southern Literature and Cultural Biography”, with Prof. Wolfgang Hochbruch (Albert-Ludwigs University, Freiburg, Germany) and Prof. Harold K. Bush (St. Louis University / USA)

International exchanges

- July 2008 – Research and teaching grant at “Albert-Ludwigs” University of Freiburg, Germany

- November 2012 - Research grant at “Albert-Ludwigs” University of Freiburg, Germany