Re-Reading, Re-Writing, Re-Contextualizing Shakespeare

27-29 October 2016

Re-Reading, Re-Writing, Re-Contextualizing Shakespeare was one of the many international conferences that, in 2016, celebrated Shakespeare’s 400-year afterlife. However, we would also like to regard it as a unique academic event, and the city of Iaşi, together with its old university, as privileged places to host it. The reasons for this could be manifold, but two of them stand out as particularly relevant in this respect: firstly, it was in Iaşi that the first Romanian translation of a Shakespearean play, The Merchant of Venice, was staged in 1851; secondly, it was at the University of Iaşi that, in 2007, the European Shakespeare Research Association (ESRA) was founded.

Keynote speakers:

David Crystal (University of Wales, Bangor, UK); Siobhan Keenan (De Montfort University, Leicester, UK); Monica Matei-Chesnoiu (“Ovidius” University, Constanta, Romania); Michael Hattaway (University of Sheffield, New York University in London, UK); Laurence Raw (Başkent University, Ankara, Turkey)
Pictures from the event may be found here.
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